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Product Specification


Type: Retro Telephone

Color: Golden

Material: Resin

Size: 26x25x17cm/10.14x9.75x7.02inch


Measurement Details in the attached picture.

Package included:

1xRetro Telephone


âœ"100% brand new and high quality.

âœ"The structure is optimized for design. The board is made of high-quality glass fiber board, double-sided board, anti-moisture and anti-static function.

âœ"Electronic lightning protection function, anti-theft function (to prevent parallel, loss of your phone bill), anti-static grounding device.

âœ"The electronic device has good quality, sufficient quantity, good overall quality, very stable and long use time.

âœ"Functions: re-pull, push-to-talk, up-check and down-check, etc. Practical functions of ordinary telephones, the buttons have caller ID display, while the rotary dialing, no caller ID display,

âœ"Adopt high-quality high-temperature hydrolyzed electroplated gold, spray with imported protective oil, and then bake at high temperature to ensure stable metal luster, long-lasting, noble, and less susceptible to oxidation

âœ"Suitable for placement: suitable for family, office, mansion, star hotel, gallery, jewelry firm, etc. to improve the grade and taste