Oclean Air 2 Sonic Mute Electric Toothbrush Travel Suit IPX7 Waterproof Fast Charging 3 Brushing Mode Quiet Sonic Smart Toothbrush for Adult for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Teeth Mouth Care

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Product Specification

Oclean Air 2 Sonic Mute Electric Toothbrush Travel Suit


Whisper Care | Quiet Operation Mini & Portable | Effective Cleaning & Whitening






 Oclean Air 2 Sonic Mute Electric Toothbrush Travel Suit


 Oclean Air 2

 Brush Head

 Magnetic brushless motor


 5V / 0.5A


 USB Magnetic Charging , 2.5 hours full charge for 40 days of battery life


 Tulip White , Rose Pink , Iris Purple , Dark Green


 95g ( Including toothbrush body and head)


 Magnetic brushless motor

Main Power


Waterproof Level



 Gentle ( Default Mode ) , Clean


 235 mm x 24 mm


 GB 4706.1-2005 GB 4706.59-2008


Main Features


1.Pure Tone Noise Reduction Technology,

Driven By Above 20000hz Ultrasonic Signal Technology, The Motor Cancels The Noise And Offer A Quiet And Joyful Brushing Experience To The User


2.Superior Quiet Brushing Experience, Never Bother Others


3.Three-Dimensional Bristles To Better Fit For Your Mouth, Offering An Effective Cleaning Effect Compares To 20% Ordinary Bristles


4.One-Button Operation, Long Press For 2s To Switch To Gentle Or Clean Mode As You Need


5.Usb Magnetic Fast Charging, 2.5 Hours Fully Charging For 40 Days Battery Life


6.Light And Portable, With Only 95g Weight, It Is Easy To Carry It With You.


7. There 4 Colors Available, Tulip White, Rose Pink, Lris Purple, Dark Green


Package List

1x Toothbrush Host

4x Brush Head

1x Travel Box

1x Magnetic Charger

1x User Manual