Nicefeel Oral Irrigator Water Flosser Portable Cordless Irrigator Dental Water Jet USB Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 4 Modes Teeth Cleaner W/ 5pcs Nozzles for Sale with BTC on


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Teeth Mouth Care

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Product Specification

  Main Features:
  - Auto shutdown After 2 Minutes

  - 4 Type of nozzle Tips( Standard tip x2 + Periodontal tip x1 + Orthodontic tip x1 + Dental plaque tip x1)

  - OLED Display. Clearly display the current working mode and working mode and remaining power

  - Waterproof IPX7. Used during bathing or shower

  - Two Way To Fill Water. Nozzle release button and 360Âdegres rotatable nozzle. Anti-leak Wity Extra Gasket

  - Long battery life suitable for traveler. Multiple Colors: Black/Blue/Green/Purple

  - How Tow Operate DIY ?. Long press the †Mode†button to enter the DIY  mode, water pressure  will change from min to max with pattern in OLED display.  Press the †Mode† button again to choose the water pressure.



Brand: Nicefeel

Color: Black, Green, White, Purple, Dark Blue

Five Cleaning Modes:

1.Soft  ---   For first-time use and sensitive teeth

2.Medium  ---   For daily clean

3.Strong  ---   Deep clean between teeth

4.Pulse   ---   For massage gum


  Package Contents

1x Nicefeel Oral Irrigator Host

2x Standard tip

1x Periodontal tip

1x Orthodontic tip

1x Dental plaque tip

1x Charging Cable