Henna Tattoo Cream Disposable Mild Non Irritating Temporary Durable Tattoo Cream Hand Face Body Painting Set

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Product Specification


1.Natural herbal extract pigment, safe and non-toxic side effects.

2.Can draw any pattern, leave the surface pigment after a certain time, the pattern can stay on the body for 5 to 10 days.

3.This product has a variety of color paints, you can mix these colors of pigments together to bring out other colors of paint.

4.This product can provide professional makeup artists with any type of art makeup or special effect coloring required color.

5.This product is water resistant and you need to remove it with a professional makeup remover.



-Type:Body art

-Skin Type:All skin types

-Shelf Life:3 years



 TypeA:2xBlack 1xRed 1xBrown 

 TypeB:4xBrown 2xBlack 

 TypeC:2xBlack 1xRed 2xBrown 1xBlue 


Package included:

5x Tattoo Creams

1x Brush

1x Scraper

1x Bottle

4x Plastic Triangle Mouths

2x Gloves