9/12/24/36/42 Pin Nano Replacement Micro Needle Cartridges Tips For Dr Pen X5 Auto Micro Needle Pen

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Product Specification

9/12/36/42 Pin Nano Replacement Micro Needle Cartridges Tip For Dr.Pen X5 Auto Derma

Name:Micro Needles Cartridges
Concerns:Acne, Age Spots/Freckles, Blemishes, Early Signs of Aging, Wrinkles/Lines

Name9 pin
12 pin
24 pin
36 pin
42 pin
Round nano needle
Small square nanoBig square nano

For Dr.Pen X5.
Each cartridge is sterilized and individually packed.
Each needle can be used for 4-6 times according to treatment.

Needle Main Function:
9 pin: repair Mole pit; remove acne; eliminate stretch marks, wrinkles.
12 pin: repair acne pox pit; remove acne; eliminate stretch marks, wrinkles.
36 needle: whitening; watering; spot removing; skin rejuvenation; shrink pores.
42 needle: spot removing; repair acne pox pit; skin rejuvenation; shrink pores.
Nano needle: painless nutrition importing, whitening skin; spot removing; skin rejuvenation.

Repair and revitalize complexion.
Reduce sagging skin, age spots, scarring (including acne scars), unattractive large pores & sun damage.
Reduce deep-set and fine line wrinkles.
Restore skin's natural, youthful beauty.
Reduce cellulite & stretch marks.
Reverse age-related hair loss, restoring healthy, thick hair, a hallmark of youth.
Results rival those of an estheticians and cosmetic surgeons.

Package Included:
1Pcs Needles Cartridges
 (NOT Include Pen)