10 Sheets A4 Tattoo Carbon Transfer Paper Thermal Stencil Body Copier Supplies

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Product Specification


Size: A4

QTY: 10 Sheet

Material: Paper


- Professional tattoo transfer carbon stencil papers in A4 size.

- Fully loaded with extra carbon for perfect stencil transfer, either by hand or thermal machine. 

- Each paper consists of 4-ply structure that includes the master sheet, protective-tissue, carbon, and backing sheet. It is an excellent transfer paper for tattoo or stencil use.

4-ply Paper Does:

- 1st Page (white) : Master Sheet - This white sheet is where your tracing/stencil will transfer onto.

- 2nd Page (clear) : Protective Tissue - This separates the Master Sheet and Carbon sheet, and is typically thrown away after use.

- 3rd Page (blue) : Carbon Page - Upon pressing down on the carbon sheet, the carbon will leave behind a black/blue tracing on the following page.

- 4th Page (yellow) : Backing Sheet - Holds the Master Sheet in place as it put through a thermal copier.


- Put the pattern you need (copy or print) on the side with the copy powder to reshape the outline of the pattern, and then paste it on the skin. (The transfer paper and transfer paste work better together).

Package Included:

10 x Tattoo Transfer Papers