4 11 Inch Adjustable Lazy Bed Floor Desk Tripod Foldable Desktop Mount Phone Holder Tablet Stand for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Tablet Stands

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Product Specification

Main Features:
Provides you with a safe and secure mount for your tablet PC, Phone.
Makes your tablet PC, Phone at an easy-to-read angle, allowing you to watch movies,view photos or type in a more comfortable position.
Makes it convenient to enjoy yourself at bed, on beach or anywhere you want.Now you can read & watch at any where. 
Easy to bring it with you. After use,you could lossen the handle before folding and then begin folding according to opening in the reverse direction. Lastly put in the bag.
It is the legs that make the table so unique: with its adjustable auto-locking joints that rotate around 360 degrees it can hold things in a variety of configurations.It provides a most comfortable typing angle and reduces neck and shoulder stress thanks to its unique design and shape.

Height: 12.2~14.6 inches (31~37cm)
Width:20.5 inches (52cm)
Angle: -40~280 degrees
Width for device: 1.2~10.2 inches (2.5~25.2 cm)
Thickness for device: less than 0.47 inches (1.2cm)
Weight: 0.84 lb (380g)

Package Content:
1 * Tablet Bed Stand