APEXEL APL 0610WM Optical Clip Telephoto Telescope Camera Lens For Tablet Smatrphone for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Product Type: APL-0610WM
Wide-angle lens: 4 4 groups
Macro lens: 1 piece 1 group
Lens diameter: 35mm clip diameter: 17mm
Macro Focus Distance: 15 ------ 50mm
Features: no distortion without dark corners compatibility
Product Material: 6063 GB aluminum
Glass Material: Advanced Import Multi-layer coated optical lens
Lens Color: Black,Rose Gold,Gold
Applicable models: common to smart phones
Single weight: 0.15kg
Lens Introduction:
This macro lens is a wide range of mobile phone camera wide-angle lens, wide-angle macro two-in-one set of mobile phone lens, 0.6 times wide angle can reach 17mm focal lengths, viewing angle can reach 110 °, magnification 0.6 times, anti-distortion no vignette, compatibility upgrade by 4 pieces of 4 groups of imported optical glass filter, multi-layer coating composition, super light, color reproduction. 10X macro mobile phone lens shooting distance of up to 15-50mm, shooting small items, general removable skateboard patent clip design, suitable for most smart phones, easy to operate and convenient.

Product includes:
1 * wide-angle macro combo lens
1 * skateboard metal clip
2 * lens cover
1 * lens collection package
1 * manual
1 * Gamma cloth