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Product Specification


The latest 1.0 fine nib in 2021
Like a real pen, it has been upgraded to an ultra-fine 1.0mm POM plastic tip (the pen body is made of aluminum). This means that there is no hysteresis /  interruption and write errors are reduced. Even with smaller and narrower strokes, you can use the touchscreen more accurately and smoothly and get a natural writing structure.

Two modes can be switched at will
Using the stylus is easy and efficient. Just touch the top of the pen to toggle between the two writing modes. The blue indicator light is the normal mode and the green indicator light is for iPad mode (IOS needs to be updated to 13.2 or later), to bring you the most cost-effective experience and a good helper for work and study.

Easy to charge, extremely durable
The charging process takes place via a USB output. Just wait until the battery is fully charged (60-80 minutes). It can be used for 20 hours without bluetooth and APP. When you buy our stylus pen, we also give you a glove for one hand so that you can comfortably rest your hand on the screen while writing or drawing without disturbing the special pen or worrying about marks.

Wide range of applications
For all touchscreen tablets and mobile phones such as for iPad, for iPad Pro,for iPhone, Android, etc.

Fully equipped
We not only give you a special pencil glove for one hand, but also two interchangeable refills to give you a longer-lasting and natural writing experience as well as a sensitive and smooth interaction with the screen. Give you a relaxed and efficient experience, no jumps, no lag, no scratches.

Package Included:
1 x Active Stylus
1 x Cable