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Studio Equipments

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Product Specification


A series of high-tech digital production equipment makes digital photos clear and realistic. It is suitable for photography. It is also made of high-quality fabrics, featuring bright colors, rich patterns, realistic effects, and waterproofing


Lightweight, durable, easy to store and carry

Easy to hang up directly or naturally

computer printing

For photography, parties, bars, etc.

Color fidelity, waterproof

Material: Cotton

Size: 0.9 x 1.5m

Packaging: Folded


For easy transportation and packaging, the product is folded, resulting in crumpled goods

Don't worry, there are no obstacles to use. The recovery method is as follows:

1. Press the back of the photographic canvas with the iron

2. Roll tightly with a cylinder and wait 3-4 days

Package Included:

1 x Photography Background(Other products are not included)