3200k 5600k LED Ring Light Flat Fill Lamp with Stand for YouTube Tiktok Video Live Broadcast Video Recording for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Brightness range 10%-100%: Color temperature range from 3200k (yellow) to 5600k (white). CRI95+ ,better color ability,can be used for video calls, live/game streaming, zoom conferencing, youtube studio, online teaching, record videos, meeting online fill light
Height Adjustment: The 27-44cm telescopic rod can stretch freely and adjust the required height easily
Easy Operation: Temperature Adjustment/Switch. USB Powered with 2M Cable, fit for computer, laptop, power bank, charging plug
Ball head 360 degree free rotation: Fill light without blind angle
Bright skin beauty and softening light: Uniform light irradiation, soft and not dazzling. Live Streaming for several hours without fatigue
Product Name: Flat Fill Lamp
Size: As picture shows
Material: ABS+PC
Power Supply Mode: 5V USB
Power Supply: USB 2M
Power: Up to 12W
Light Color: 5 Kinds
Weight: 1.1Kg

Package Included:

1 x Lamp (with USB cable)
1 x Mobile Phone Rack
1 x Telescopic Rod
1 x Lamp Stand