2Pcs 150W Photography Softbox 6000K LED Lighting Lamp Soft Box with Light Stand Bracket Studio Kit for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Carry a studio booth with you: The portable softbox kit is a foldable and easy-to-setup studio which provides enough lighting thanks to 2 powerful CFL lights, suitable for home and outdoor photography.
Perfect lighting for photo videoThe kit creates a soft lighting appreciated by photographers and videographers, suitable for anything from portrait to product photoshoot, nice choose for YouTuber, Vloggers, Photographers etc.
2 wide coverage softbox19.7x27.5" rectangular silver reflective inner lining cause a wide coverage, and the front diffusion spreads light into a soft homogenous light. Reduces any harsh shadows that come into a subject that you are taking pictures.
2 energy-saving bulbsThe 2 x150W E27 CFL won't get hot while provide excellent lighting, it extended service life, suitable for long time continuous lighting. CFLs will also help to make 80% savings on your energy bill.
Adjustable height & 210° rotatable head30.7" to 82.7" adjustable stands with 210° rotatable head to bright any direction you need.


Voltage: 220V
Light Socket: E27
Bulb Power: 150W
Color Temperature: 6000K

Package included:

2 x Softbox(Other products are not included)
2 x 150W Light Bulb
2 x Light Stand