220V 9KW Display Steam Generator Sauna Bath Home Spa Shower Steamer Sauna Steam Machine With Light Control 9 m³ for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Steam Generator Shower Sauna Bath Home Spa Machine
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Input voltage: 220V
Power: 9KW
Product Size:
Application area: Within 9m³
Weight: 11kg approx.
√ Light system control.
√ Protection of water shortage.
√ Over-high temperature protection.
√ Working Time setting : 30 minutes, 1 hours, 2 hours
√ Temperature setting:35-55degress(95-131Fahrenheit).
√ Can make people refreshed and has the function of health care
√ Long distance signal transmission,the longest distance is over 50m.
√ Over-high pressure protection,prevent tank from expanding, in the case the steam head has been blocked. 
√ It equips with special room body to form the complete set of sauna,which can relax people's muscle, eliminate fatigue, and excrete the toxin in the body .

Package included: 
1 Pcs Steam Generator
1 Pcs Control Panel
1 Pcs Steam ejection outlet
1 Pcs Control cable
1 Pcs Temperature control probe line
1 Pcs English Manual

The installation of steam generator
1.The steam generator should be fixed in the wall or on the floor fimly, and be stalled near the bathtub or bathroom as close as possible. In the process of fixing,install the machine on a vertical waal,release the two screws on the cover,move the cover and then fix the machine using the holes on the top right and left. Signs should be put in the obvious place and the generator should be put in the flexible place for maintaining.
2.Do not install the machine outside,or the place where is wet,hot or the place where is easy for being cold or eroded. Do not install it near paint, orgas Install it in the ventilation place
3.The generator can only be installed horizontally