Walram M 2 NVME PCIe GEN3 0x4 SSD Solid State Drives Hard Disk 1TB 512BG 256GB 128GB Hard Drive for Laptop Desktop Gamping for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Solid State Drives

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Product Specification


Model Number: NVME SSD
Transport Protocol: NVME
Interface type: PCIe
Nand flash type: TLC
Flash Type: 3D NAND flash
Max Read Data Transfer Rate: 3100(MB/s)
Max Write Data Transfer Rate: 1100(MB/s)
Capacity: 1TB, 512GB, 256GB, 12
Application: Industrial computer
Controller: SMI/marvell/Phison/YeeStar
Hard Disk Size: 1.8 inches


1. Stable, durable and quiet, environmentally friendly:
Using 3D NAND flash memory chips, no moving parts greatly reduces the risk of failure. It has low power consumption and heat generation, quiet work, and shock and vibration resistance.

2.Preferably high-quality particles, durable enough:
Optimizing 3D NAND particles, which are better than 2D storage in storage density and reliability. With the excellent LDPC error correction mechanism of the master control, it can meet your dual pursuit of durability and speed.

3. The seismic strength during operation can reach 2.17G (7-800Hz), and the seismic strength during non-operation can reach 20G (20-1000Hz).

Package Included:

1 X SSD Solid State Drives