OV M1 SSD M 2 NVME Hard Drive 2280 NVME pcle3 0x4 Solid State Drive 256G 500G Solid State Disk for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification



* Brand: OV

* Model: M1

* Name: M.2 NVME SSD

* Interface: NVME pcle3.0×4

* Main control chip: SM2263XT

* Capacity 256GB / 500GB

* Continuous reading: up to 2000mb / S

* Continuous write: up to 1600mb / S

* Size: 22 * 80mm

* Operating temperature: 0-70 ℃

Application scenario: Notebook / desktop / all-in-one computer / ultrabook 




* 32GB / s powerful bandwidth.

* SM2263XT main control chip is adopted.

* Pcle 3.0 support × 4 channels and new nvme1.3 specification.

* The continuous reading speed is up to 2000 / 1600mb / s respectively.

* Support new LDPC and firmware data protection technology.

* It can be widely compatible with notebook / desktop / all-in-one computer. 


Package Included:

1 * M.2 NVME SSD