F1 IP67 Waterproof 30 Days Long Standby Sleep Monitor Smart Wristband for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Smart Wearable Device

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Product Specification

Main Function:
- Counting step/exercise frequency
Your private management experts, help you monitor the daily movement, always check the number of steps, helping you to achieve your health goals.
- Calorie consumption measurement
Measuring  the calorie burned when you doing exercise 
- Sleep quality detection
To monitor the quality of your sleep,let you know whether you have a good sleep.
- Alarm clock
When is set,it can wake you up anytime.
- Reminding function (Call reminding)
After Bluetooth pairing kadingle F1will vibrate continuously when there is an incoming call.
- IP67 water resistant 
Convenient for you daily life.
- 7 days of date memory 
Storing date about 7daya.
- Battery monitoring
Detecting the battery power in real time

- Regular service 30 days 
About 30days standby time,say goodbye to charge every   day.
- Ultra-low power function
Low power Bluetooth chip top, data can also be synchronous transmission
- Bluetooth transmission 
Mobile phone Bluetooth data transmission
- Anti-lost
As long as you 10 meters away from the mobile phone, smart wristband will automatically remind you

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 
People: Unisex watch 
Water resistant : YES 
Language: English 
Battery type: Aluminum polymer 
Battery capacity: 50mAh 
Standby time: About 30 days