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Smart Wearable Device

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Product Specification

Display: 0.96TFT(Color screen)
Resolution: 160*80
Charging time: about 1.5 hours
Life time: 5 hours of continuous talk, 7-15 days of display
Data transmission: bluetooth 4.2, audio transmission bluteooth5.0 dual call
Waterproof: IP67 life waterproof
Requirements: Android 4.0 and above, mobile phone bluetooth 4.2 iOS 8.0 or above
Size: 15.4*8.3*3.2cm
Main body weight: 104g
- Smart headset bracelet more freedom of movement.
- Smart binaural headset bracelet, smart unlimited enjoy life.
- Crafted professional craftsmanship.
- Innovative smart binaural bracelet, not only portable.
- Wireless, no cumbersome, multiple powerful configuration features.
- High quality sound stereo surround. Fine tuning, richer details, stronger bass.
- Ergonomic design. The ear angle is ergonomically designed to protect  the ear canal and fits most ears.
- Real-time heart rate blood pressure.
- Enjoy the health brought by technology.
- Record the time, heart rate, calories, etc, of the project's exercise
- Incoming call information vibration reminder.
- Feeling worn is comfortable, fit the ear canal feel comfortable and feel no pain.
- View daily statistics and progress directly on your watch, it can be your way to health.
- Pick up and match storage automatic shutdown charging.
Package included:
1 x Smart Watch