Silicone Eye Mask Dust proof Lens Hood for Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset VR Glasses Silicone Cap Controller Handle Protective Cover for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Controller Handle Protective Cover
It has cushioning, shock absorption, scratch resistance, drop resistance and non-slip properties
Protect your equipment from shocks and impacts, and extend its service life
Easy to install, equipped with a wrist strap, can better protect your equipment and safety
Simple and convenient installation steps
Color: White, Black
Material: Silicone
For Oculus Quest 2 Headset Accessory Set

Package Included:

1 x Silicone Eye Mask(Not include Oculus Quest 2)
1 x Dustproof Lens Hood
1 x Lens Cleaning Pen
2 x silicone caps
1 x Lens Cloth
2 x Silicone Controller Cover(Not include controller)