JYS OC001 Wall Storage Bracket Mount for Oculus Quest 2 for PS VR Glasses Metal Hook for VR Headset Controller for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Strong and gentle, made of solid metal, not plastic, the stand is strong enough for your VR

Take advantage of unused wall space. Store VR headset and controller on walls or other vertical surface

Prevents damage by keeping the VR headset and controllers secure to the wall and out of danger

Convenient storage, can store 2 VR controller(Not included), 1 VR glasses(Not included)

Hard material, iron material, stable installation, not easy to shake

Simple installation, equipped with a screwdriver, 3 screws, 3 expansion screws

Compatible with PS VR, for Oculus Quest 2

Package Included:

1 x Storage Stand(Not include VR Headset and controller)

1 x Screwdriver

3 x Screws

3 x Expansion Screws