Bakeey S10 200mAh BT4 0 Anti Lost Alarm Smart Tag Wireless bluetooth Tracker Child Wallet Key Finder Locator for iOS/ Android System for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

How to use
- Attach the tracker to anything you want to find and protect.
 (Make sure your tracker and your phone APP are connected with bluetooth and within range of each other. )
- Ring your things: Tap the blue "Ring" button on the application screen, listen for the tracker's ring and find it.
- Lost reminder: Select the lost reminder mode in the tracker's edit interface to use this function. 
When your tracker and your phone are out of bluetooth's range, both of them will send alerts, and then you will be reminded. 
This function may cause annoying, users can use this function accordingly.
- Last lost location: 
When your item is lost, the tracker will put a pin drop on the map where it lost the connection so you know exactly where it went out of bluetooth range. And you know where to find first. 

It is compatible with the following iOS devices running iOS 9.0 and higher:
Phone support: For iPhone7 or newer.
It is compatible with most Android devices equipped with Android 9.0 or later and bluetooth 4.0 or later.
Phone support: For Samsung Galaxy S7 or newer Samsung Note 8 
HUAWEI Mate8 or newer, Honor 10 or newer, Redmi 7 or newer. 


BT VersionBT4.0
Battery ModelCR2032
Battery Capacity200mAh
Standby Time
About 365 days
Wireless Range
10-50 meters
About Ð¤32X8.7mm
WeightAbout 6.5g
Package Included1x Wireless Tracker