LILYGO TTGO T Echo SoftRF BME280 TEMP Pressure Sensor NRF52840 SX1262 868MHz Module LORA 1 54 E Paper BLE for Sale with BTC on


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Smart Module

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Product Specification

Note: This item is 868mhz, T-Echo SoftRF with BME280 version.

The T-Echo is a version evolved from LILYGO T-BEAM.

At the beginning of the design, more consideration was to adapt to Meshtastic and SotfRF, so Bluetooth and low power consumption were considered when designing, and NRF52840 Advanced Bluetooth 5 was selected Thread and Zigbeemultiprotocol SoC.
The LORA function continues T-BEAM's LILYGO SX1262 version functional module.
T-SX1262 wireless transceiver module, using Semtech SX1262 LORA RF transceiver chip design, working in the 868MHz ISM frequency band, integrated high stability TCXO 32MHz crystal oscillator, half-duplex transceiver module, power up to +22dBm, receiving sensitivity -139dBm.
Automatic transceiver Switching, internal transmission and reception channel isolation, advanced LORA spread spectrum communication technology, strong anti-interference and privacy, can realize long-distance wireless data transmission and reception.

Features of the module:
- Multi-satellite positioning system L76K is a support multi-satellite system (GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, QZSS), multi-system joint positioning and single system independent positioning, support AGNSS function, built-in low noise amplifier and surface filter, can provide users GNSS module with fast, accurate and high-performance positioning experience.
- Compared with a single GPS system, the high-precision positioning multi-satellite system greatly increases the number of visible and usable satellites, improves positioning accuracy, and can achieve stable high-precision positioning even in complex urban environments.
- It supports the AGNSS function, which can greatly Reduce the time for the first positioning, built-in low-noise amplifier, can achieve high sensitivity, high-precision positioning and fast signal capture and tracking, even under weak signal conditions can also ensure a good positioning performance, built-in surface acoustic filter, can greatly The anti-interference ability of the module is enhanced, and the active antenna detection circuit and protection circuit are integrated inside to protect the module and the active antenna from damage.
- The display uses a 1.54-inch electronic paper display with front light, 200x200 resolution 1.54 front LED E-paper, and it can be used in a dark environment.

T-Echo Specifications:
- NRF52840 BLE/NFC
- L76K GPS module
- T-SX1262 LORA module
- 1 .54 E-paper with front LED screen light
- RTC PCF8563
- RST button X1
- Custom button X1
- Touch button TTP223
- IPX Antenna Base X3
- 1.25 pitch battery holder
- 12. 5V input Type-C USB
- 10pin 0.4 pitch BTB socket can be used to expand functional modules

Application scenarios:

DIY creation
lora networking
GPS positioning
IOT terminal controller
Stem education product

Github link:
Basic Example:

Package includes:
1 X T-Echo BME280 Motherboard
1 X GPS Antenna
1 X LORA 868MHz Antenna
1 X NFC Antenna
1 X Touch Cable
1 X Jst 2pin1.25mm Battery Cable
1 X TYPE-C USB cable
1 X 850mA Capacity Battery
1 X 3D Printed Enclosure