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Product Specification


DS18B20 Temperature Module is one of the most commonly used components for setting the smart home when we are doing the Internet of Things.
For wireless control, we specially designed this ESP-01 DS18B20 Temperature module. The DS18B20 Temperature module is equipped with an ESP8266-01 Wifi module, which can access to the wireless network.
You can remote control any other devices according to the temperature data measured by the DS18B20 module. 
For simple use, we provide our own compiled firmware, the firmware is server mode. The specific information are as follows:
Module working mode: 
work in mode:3
Softap mode: 
softAP SSID: KeyesWifi_A  ;  password: KeyesWifi   
softAP IP:    
softAP_server IP:   
Station mode: 
Station SSID: KeyesWifi_S  ;  password: KeyesWifi   
Station IP: automatic router assignment   
Station_server IP: Router automatically assigns port:8080   


Working voltage: DC 3V--3.3V
Main control chip: ESP8266-01
Button function: reset button
Measurement range: -55℃ to + 125℃
Dimensions: 42mm*24mm*21mm
Weight: 4.9g"

Package includes:

1 x DS18B20 Temperature Module
1 x Wifi module