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Smart Light

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Product Specification

Main Features:

1.No Blue Light, No Eye Fatigue

The asymmetrical optical design gives glare-free and flicker-free lights to your workspace by directing a gentle light downwards rather than right in front of your eyes. No screen reflection, no eye strain, and no tension headaches.

2.Rechargeable Battery Makes Things Easier

On a full charge, the light serves up to 150 mins, with no cords or wires scattered around. With a USB port and built-in 1800 mAh lithium battery, you can use this light bar anywhere, anytime.

3.Type-C Port and USB Charging

Enjoy the many charging methods supported by the USB Type-C charged monitor light bar. When connected to a computer, the lights illuminate automatically when the computer is switched on.

4.High CRI Ensures Prime User Experience

High CRI lamp beads (RA> 95) can restore desktop objects in their true color as if they were showered in daylight, making sure your working environment is pleasant day and night.

5.3 Color Temperature Modes & Stepless Dimming

Yeelight Rechargeable LED Monitor Light Bar offers 3 color temperature modes and stepless dimming with sensitive touch-control, creating different vibes for different needs. Working time? Gaming time? Movie night? Sorted!

6.Back-lit Touch Panel Allows for Precise Control at Ease

The back-lit touch panel's glossy mirror surface makes it easy to see and operate. With high-precision touch keys that respond promptly to your touch, you can experience a beautiful and seamless interaction.

7.A Smart Light that Remembers Your Preferences

When switched off, or if the power is lost, it will restore to its previous lighting condition when powered back up. The light remembers your preferences and automatically configures everything for you.


Product Model:YLODJ-0027 (silver gray)

Rated Power:5W (64 x 0. 2W/LED module)

Rated Input:DC 5Vm1A


Color Rendering Index:95

Service Life:25,000 hours

Battery:1800mAh, Type-C USB charging


This product is suitable for monitors with a thickness of s22mm and can be adapted to a fish screen, curved screen, etc. A monitor with a thickness of <10mm can be stably suspended, but the base cannot stand against the monitor.