50cm 220V LED RGB Music Ceiling Light Smart Ceiling Lamp bluetooth APP/Remote Control for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Smart Light

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Product Specification

Diameter: 50cm
Lumen: 125LM/LED
Material: Acrylic+Iron
LED Type: 2835SMD
Voltage: AC220V
Color Temperature: 3000-6500K
Light Color: White, Warm white, RGB
Control method: bluetooth/infrared remote control

- Environmental-friendly, with low power consumption and ultra long life.
- Easy to install, simple to replace for and convenient to use.
- Please don't look at the ceiling light directly within one meter when in a strong light mode, it is not good for your eyes.
- WIFI smart living home. Let the mobile phone control the smart lamps of the whole family. The whole house smart lamps, quality of life, we can meet all your requirements.
- You can control the light switch/brightness/color temperature/color through the phone. Even if you are in the field, as long as in the case of normal connectivity, you can also remotely control the lamps and lanterns in the home through the mobile phone. Bluetooth smart connection, regular on and off lights, regular reminder.

For the bedroom, living room, conference room, kitchen, living room, hall, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, stairwell, workshops and exhibitions, etc.

Packing Included:
1 x LED Ceiling Lamp
1 x Accessories Bag
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual