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Smart Indoor Lights

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Product Specification


●Built-in high-sensitivity microphone pickup (voice-activated induction)
●8 kinds of animation effects, 24 groups of preset color combinations, can be superimposed with illusion style and dual spectrum.
●Aluminum alloy body case, customized LED light-emitting module to ensure uniform and soft color.
●32 independent RGB Symphony integrated ED lights.
●Rhythmic rising speed and falling speed, holding time of peak light,
The descending speed of the peak lamp can be adjusted individually.
You can choose a custom monochrome mode or a phantom color display theme style.
●AGC automatic gain algorithm guarantees the best effect when the input signal amplitude changes.
●You can choose whether to turn on the gradient effect.
The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted in multiple levels.
●Support display direction switching and dual spectrum display.
●Entertainment highlight flashing light effect.
●The sensitivity of the microphone can be adjusted in 30 levels.
The response speed of AGC automatic gain can be adjusted in 30 levels.
●Exclusive software to eliminate environmental noise.
It can significantly reduce the impact of environmental noise on the use of voice-activated products.
●5V-USB plug and play


Product model: AK DB32_ Color
Power/upgrade interface: Micro-usb
Input requirements: 5V/1A (no more than 5V voltage)
Output power: 5W
Product size: 181*16*15mm
Net weight: about 86g
Appearance material: anodized aluminum-body molding
Software support: environmental noise filtering, firmware update

Package Included:

1x Host
1xMicro-USB power cord (1.2m)
1X manual*1
4X 3M non-marking double-sided tape

Detailed Picture: