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Smart Indoor Lights

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Product Specification


【Variety Lighting Patterns】It comes with six triangle parts which is connected through Magnet. Tap theMode-unit, it will change to 30 soft and full colors. Adjust the position of the unit, you can DIY more than 20 patterns. Such as: Sugar, Flower, Fish, Diamond, Rockets and so on. Much fun and creative for your kids and daily life.
【Multiple Function】1, Lighting: It can be a colorful lamp, together with build-in sensitive light sensor, it will on&off at night when motion detective;
2 ,Home Decoration: With Magnets and adhesive tape on the backside, can put on your table, wall, CABINET, or refrigerator, under DIY shape, make your house more inovative and fashion;
3 ,Toys: It can also be an educational toy light. Could develop Shape & Color Recognition, artist cognitive, Logical & Spatial Thinking, Hand-eye Coordination, imagination.


Input: DC5V
Power: 0.5W
Material: Plastic
Size: 95*95mm
Working time: 10H
Charged method: USB
Color: Yellow, White

1, Painting: Press "Power on" button, it will maintain on which is default mode. Tap "Mode" unit gently, the color will change freely, you can design your mode as you like.
2, DIY: Press "Mode" button to switch flash modes. There are 4 modes to swtich in turn. The first 3 are system setting mode. The 4th one is programing lighting mode. The triangle parts will flash when press the center part, after 6 seconds, the triangle parts will automatically start to flash according to the time order of pressing.
3,Sensor: Press "AUTO" button to turn into sensor mode. It will power on automatically when human activities detected. It will turn off in one minute.

1, Please confirm whether the voltage is in line with the working voltage of the product before use,using inappropriate voltage may damge product and bring potential safety hazards.
2, The LED module can't be replaced.Do not disassemble the product.
3, This product will generate heat during work,please keep the surrouding air convection for heat dissipation
4, This product is not waterproof,do not put the product in water.

Package included:

1 x Smart Puzzle Night Light
3 x Sticker
1 x Manual
1 x USB Chargering Line

Details picture: