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Product Specification

Product Features:
LED Dot matrix Technology, More stable and Reliable
Very Soft led light, People can see very Clearly at 20meters away.
Built-in Boston cell (CR2032) battery, in case of power failure to maintain clocking 
High brightness, large-size LED character display module. 
Hours, minutes and time display (12 or 24 hours format optional). 
Date, calendar display. 
Temperature display. 
A couple of alarm clock functions (you can set the alarm time, respectively, of a group can be individually turned off the alarm function). 
Equipped with infrared remote control, convenient wireless operation. 
High-precision clock module, precise timing, in error <3 minutes.
Acrylic panel housing, behind the hanging holes suitable for wall also available double-sided adhesive foam onto the glass, tile and other smooth surfaces, but also stand on the table.
Material: PVC high strength glue
Suitable places: Living room, bedroom, venues, conference rooms, schools, workshops, ETC
Product Dimension: 67 x 2 x 16cm
Item weight: 1.3kg
Package included:
1 x led digital wall clock
1 x power adaptor
1 x user manual
1 x remote