SONOFF RM433 8 Keys Multipurpose Custom 433 MHz RF Remote Control Switch Works With SONOFF RF/RFR3/Slampher/iFan03/4CHProR2/TX Series/433 RF Bridge for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


The RM433 remote controller is an advanced version for 4-button RF with 433MHz. Designed with 8 buttons to perform various functions in running on different types of devices.
Such as fan speed adjustment, brightness setting, etc.

The simple and stylish look gives any surface a beautiful decor when it is stored on the wall.
Strong compatibility. It can be paired to control SONOFF BASICRF, RFR3, Slampher, iFan03, D1, 4CHProR2, TX series, 433 RF Bridge and other devices supporting 433 communication protocol and other devices supporting 433 communication protocol(Fixed Code).

Pairing with your devices is extremely simple and takes no time at all, simply press any button on the remote controller to pair with the device you need to control. Quick installation. Can match the base to be stored on the wall with double-sided tapes or screws.
Type1 is just the Base, Type 2 is just RM433 remote controller.

RM433 Feature:

Model: RM433
Band: 433MHz
Size: 86x45x12.5mm
Power supply: DC12V(model:27A)
Material: PC V0
User Manual

Base Feature:

This Base is used for SONOFF RM433 reomte controller, can match the remote control to be stored on the wall with double-sided tapes or screws.
Base Size: 86x86x15.8mm

Package included:

1 x RM433 remote controller(include battery)
1 x RM433 Base