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Product Specification

Silvery White DIY Quartz Clock Movement Kit


Material: Plastic + Aluminum
Color: Argent hand,Black Case
Mode: Silent Mode
Easy and simple design
Great for repairing, replacing or making a clock
Powered by 1  x AA battery (not included)
Measurement of the box: 133 x 30 x 75 mm
Main shaft diameter: 8 mm
Hour hand: 73 mm
Minute hand: 93 mm
Second hand: 133 mm
Material: Plastic + metal
Major axis length: 19 mm
Length of thread: 11.5 mm 
Package included:
1 x Movement
1 x hand Hour
1 x hand Minute
1 x Second Hand
1 x Washer
1 x Pad
1 x Nut