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Product Specification

The main role of this valve is to regulate the shutdown and start-up pressure of the air compressor.Users can according to their actual situation to be regulate;
Copper on both sides on air regulator are exhaust valve,can be opened when use gas. The right red one is safety valve. 
Compressor Pressure Switch: 
Type: 2 phase, 1 port
Max voltage: 240v
Max current: 16amp
Max pressure: 175psi, 12bar
Size: Approx. 50 x 80 x 127mm(L x W x T)
Material: Metal, Plastic
Air Regulator(With Safety Value):
Size:157 x 85 x 80mm(L x W x T)
Material: Metal, Plastic
Press Gauges:
Size: 40mm(Diameter)
Material: Metal, Plastic
Package Included:
1 x Compressor Pressure Switch;
1 x Air Regulator(With Safety Value)
2 x Press Gauges

Detail Pictures: