MoesHouse WiFi Smart LCD 5A Wall Hung Gas Boiler Water Electric Underfloor Heating Temperature Controller Digital Weekly Programmable Thermostat Wall Mounted Work with Alexa Google Home for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

Product Features:

1.A Set with one Receiver and one Controller:The gas boiler thermostat is with LCD digital display screen and simple to read.The set contains one receiver connected to the gas boiler or underfloor water or electric heating system,and the other wall-hung controller which is a WiFi version owns smart functions.And the two is connected via RF frequency.(Note:The controller is USB powered or Battery powered.There are two types of the thermostat:One is for gas boiler and underfloor water heating system,and the other is for underfloor electric heating system.)
2.Smart Home Compatible:Working with Alexa Google Home,MOES Thermostat offers the most comfortable temperature for your house when your hands are not free by using voice control.
3.Smart Phone Remote Control:Remotely control your home temperature to attain advanced comfort via your Smart App,easy to operate on your smart phones anywhere you are.And you can even remotely lock the thermostat so no changes can be made.
4.Weekly Programmable:Supports full auto programs or manual set up 6+1,5+2 and 7 days weekly schedule of 6 times period,providing you with the maximum convenience for different situation.Data memory when power is off.Besides,there is holiday mode is optional for you to enjoy more comfortable temperature in  holidays.
5.Family Sharing:Device share to your family members to control your house temperature via smart phone App together.All can enjoy the advanced comfort of the temperature.

6.User manual: Click here.

Attention: HY09-GBWRW for Electric Heating
                 HY09-GCWRW for Water Heating/Gas Boiler


Power: Receiver:230VAC 50/60HZ  
Thermostat: USB power supply/4*AAA Batteries
Pls remove batteries when USB power is working.
Display accuracy: 0.5°C                        
Insulating condition: Normal environment
Probe sensor: NTC(10k)1%                    
Running program: Set per 1 week as a cycle
Contact capacity: 5A/250V(WW);16A/250V(WE)  
Output: Switch relay
Working environment temperature: 0~70°C      
Installation: Wall mounted or on battery seat
Range of temperature adjustment: 5~35°C      

Package included:

1 x Thermostat. (Two types optional)
1 x Receiver.
2 x Screws.
1 x User Manual.
2 x Bracket
1 x USB


1.Q:What is the connection relay between the receiver and controller?Is the receiver a wireless one?
A:They are connected by RF frequency,and the receiver is not a WiFi version,but the controller is a WiFi version that can be controlled via Smart Life App and voice command.

2.Q:Does it work with Alexa for voice control?
A:Yes,it's compatible with Amazon Alexa,as well as Google Assistant for free voice control.

3.Q:Can I use this with my electric underfloor heating system?
A:There are two options with gas boiler&water underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating system for you to choose,please check the model you choose before placing an order.

4.Q:Can the controller be hung on the wall?
A: Yes, the controller is a wall-hung type,so it can be hung on the wall.And there are two small brackets in the package for you to keep it stand on the table by the base.