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Product Specification

Product Features:

1.Smart Tuya ZB Radiator Actuator Thermostat:New mini design with simple and clear LCD display screen on the body,the radiator thermostat is with LCD digital display screen and two sections of AA batteries powered,which is a special valve using cooperatively with heating radiator. Artificially set indoor temperature, mainly used in the floor heating system to control the closing and opening of the pipe.

2.A Tuya ZB Wireless Gateway Hub is a Must : A ZB wireless hub is a must that connects to the valve many other ZB smart products and realizes the whole linkage of your smart home devices. Simply add your gateway to the App, then add your radiator actuator to your gateway in the App.

3.Programmable Schedule with Weekly Programming Selection:Supports manual set up 5+2,6+1 and 7 days weekly schedule with 6 periods for option ,providing you with the maximum convenience for different situation and setting customized schedule for your house temperature.Holiday mode,automatic mode,boost mode available.Choose workday and restday mode to meet your own mind.

4.Voice and Remote Control for the Tuya ZB Wireless Gateway:Supports App remote control via your smart phone,together with the hands-free voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant after successfully connecting your valve to Tuya /Smart Life App on the basis of one Tuya ZB Wireless Gateway.

5.Open Window Detection:When room temperature suddenly drop into temp. threshold,valve will close for 15 minutes.After that,if the room temp. is still lower than temp. Threshold,it will keep this mode.Besides,it's easy to read digital display with Celsius temperature.

manual: Click here.


Power: 2*2 AA* 1.5V alkaline batteries(not included)           

Maximum current:90mA  

Working environment temperature::-10~60°C                     

Display accuracy::0.5℃

Default range of temperature adjustment:5~35°C       

Probe sensor::NTC(10k)1%
Range of temperature display::1~70°C                
Thread size:M30*1.5
Insulating condition: Normal environment              
Size(mm): 52*90
Running program: Set per 1 week as a cycle            
Maximum route:4.5mm

Package included:

1 * Radiator Thermostat(Depend on your option)
1 * Bag of Accessory
1 * User Manual


Q:Can I use my own hub to connect with the valve?
A:No,this radiator thermostat can only be used with our Moes Tuya ZB wireless gateway hub,so we offer the set of the two for your to purchase.

Q:Can this thermostat be set to Fahrenheit display?
A:No,it can only be displayed with Celsius display.

Q:Can I program the schedule myself?
 A:Yes,our thermostat is programmable.You are able to program your schedule freely.

Q:Can I control the thermostat if I am not at home?
A:Yes,after successfully connecting it to the hub,then you are able to control your device on your smart phone App. 

Q:Does this thermostat have a screen lock to prevent guests or kids from tampering with the settings?
A:Yes, it does. It has a fully locked mode that prevents any changes or misoperation by children.

Q: Is the battery included?
A: No, because of delivery limitation, the product is not equipped with battery.