MoesHouse 4 Gang WiFi Smart Glass Panel Switch Smart Life/Tuya App Multi Control Voice Control Works with Alexa Google for Sale with BTC on


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Smart Home

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Product Specification

Product Features:

1. New idea for 2/3 Way circuit (two switches control one light) that is explained as multi-control association of this switch to other WiFi smart switches in App;capacitive touch control, turn on/off your light with a single touch and scratch resistance glass panel gives the best look to blend with any wall design.(Note: You can multi-control associate of this switch to multiple different switches, but several gangs on one switch is not available, only one gang on one switch can be associated for multi-control.)
2. Differ in features from traditional common switch, this smart switch is able to be controlled by various ways alone with the best value like App control,touch control,voice control and built-in RF433 frequency allows for another control via RF remote control switch with encoding 1527 without interference; achieve multi-control by associating to other smart switches.(Note:433 RF Remote is not included in the package, please purchase separately.)
3. Reinsert new features into upgraded Smart Life Tuya App like ON/OFF relay status as remember last status when power off and backlight switch setting.Compatible with Alexa and Google home allows free voice control ;remotely control devices on your smart phone via Smart Life /Tuya App wherever you are.
4. Take full control of connected appliances with timers, schedules and countdown (1/5/30 mins, 1 hour, etc.) with the app; share control with family and friends for added convenience
5. Neutral wire is required in your switch boxes to operate correctly;only supports 2.4G network;a much easier pairing mode for adding the device with WiFi and Bluetooth connected;includes full 2-year warranty and 60-day refund guarantee for complete satisfaction .

Function Upgraded:

Update1: Multi-control in a much easier way
Update2: New pairing mode with WiFi+Bluetooth
Update3: Backlight ON/OFF optional
Update4: Relay status adjustable when power off


Working voltage: AC100-250V, 50/60Hz
Current type:Total 10A
Rated load: 2200W/1Gang
Wireless type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Power consumption: Less than or equal to 0.5W
Working temperature: 0℃-40℃
Support system:AndroidiOS
RF Frequency: 433MHz
RF Standard Code: 1527

Package included:

1 x Smart switch