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Product Specification

Description :

The intelligent wireless valve manipulator uses the 2.4 GHz WiFi solution based on the latest RF radio technology.
It is a novel design product with short distance, low cost, low energy consumption and high reliability.
It adopts international WiFi technology and fully compatible with wireless networks. It can be used as a signal relay point and other devices. 
Forgetting to close the tap water valve when leaving? Do not worry and you can control it through your smartphone. 

Features :

Voice control, suitable for Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
Wireless water shutdown controller for standard home automation systems.
Prevents water damage (adds water leak sensors).
Water shutdown and smartphone notification when a leak is detected.
Easy installation, no plumbing required.
Compatible with the mobile phone application remote control on / off and synchronization.
Compatible with water tube ball valves, electrical switches, manual control, and natural gas / liquid / tap, etc.

Specification :

*Input: DC 12V/1000mA (adapter is included)
*Gross Weight: 500g
*Wireless:2.4G WiFi+433MHz RF
*RF sensor limited: Up to 25pcs EACHEN water sonser/gas sensor
*Waterproof: Yes
*APP: eWelink 

Package includeds :

1 x eWelink Water Valve Controller
Details pictures :