DANIU WiFi Circuit Breaker 2P Time Timer Switch Relay eWelink App Control Smart Home House Remote Control Voice Control for Amazon Alexa Google Home for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Smart Home

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Product Specification


1.Remote control at anytime from anywhere
2.Timer ON/OFF
3.Scene setting,
home scene(Turn on the light, turn on the water heater, turn on the TV, turn on the air conditioner,),
going out scene(Turn off the lights, turn off the water heater, turn off the TV, turn off the air conditioner, etc.)
4.Sharing devices with family and friends
5.18 mm Din Rail install


This is relay type, have no short circuit ,overload protection
18mm Din Rail WIFI Smart Switch Remote control by eWeLink APP for Smart home

Package included:

1 x DANIU WiFi Circuit Breaker