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Product Specification

Quartz High Torque Medium Spindle Movement Module DIY Kit Hour Minute Second Hand Set


1.Various hand sizes available ( hand measurement shown is taken from the centre of the minute hand hole to the tip of the minute hand )
2.Quartz high torque medium spindle movement,long lifetime guaranteed
3.Ideal for replacing defective units or for creating your own personalized clock projects
4.Energy efficient. Accurate time keeping.


Material: Plastic + Aluminum
Hand Size:102mm(4'') +115mm(4.53'') +135mm(5.3'') +136mm(5.3'') +145mm(5.7'')
Spindle Size: 20mm(4/5'')
Body Size :55x55x15 mm (2.17''x2.17''x0.59'')
Battery:Not Included

Package Included:

1 x Clock Mechanism Module Kit (battery not included)

Details Pictures: