Bakeey Human Body Induction LED Solar Charging Indoor Outdoor Wall Lamps for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

● Automatically recognize day and night.
● lighting work when starting work, work for 5 hours, turn off work when 5 hours.
● Only induction work, dynamic induction delay 7 seconds.
- Color: Black, Gray, White
- Light: Warm white, Cool white
- Solar Panel: Polysilicon 0.65W
- Battery: ternary lithium battery 18650 1800mAh
- LED: SMD 2835 15pcs
- Charging Time: 8 hours
- Brightness: slightly bright > 10lm, full light > 90lm
- Protection: overcharge and over discharge protection
- Use Time: 5-6 rainy days
Package Included:
1x Solar Energy Wall Lamp
1x Wall Hanging Board
1x English Manual