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Product Specification

1.Safe and high-quality food-grade materials, non-toxic and odorless
2.Ventilation holes timely discharge steam from the fresh-keeping box to reduce bacterial growth
3. Abrasion-resistant bottom, concave design at the bottom, non-slip, wear-resistant and drop-resistant, strong and durable
4.Long life and durable
Model: E68794
Product Description
Material: food grade PP
Color: beige / transparent
Type: Rectangular Transparent / Circular Transparent / Rectangular Beige / Round Beige (You can choose)
Application: Food

Rectangle size:
S: 12x9x4cm 350ml
M: 14x10x6cm 800ml
L: 17x12x7cm 1200ml
XL: 20x15x8cm 2000ml

Round size:
S:  11x6cm 400ml
M:  13x7cm 600ml
L:   16x8cm 1000ml
XL: 18x9cm 2200ml

Package Includes:
4 x Storage box


Rectangular Transparent 

Circular Transparent 

Rectangular Beige 

Round Beige