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Product Specification

1: Wet the brush head and cleanser, apply cleanser to brush head.
2: Select desired speed and start cleansing and gently moving the brush in small circular motions.
3: Wash the face with clear water and clean the brush head. Dry it in a dry and ventilated place.
4: When making up, put on a beauty sponge head to make a base makeup, make your makeup more symmetrical.

--Color: Pink/Green/White
--Material: Silica gel

--This is a 4-in-1 silicone electric face cleanser waterproof brush 
--EXCELLENT DEEP FACIAL CLEANSING:360-degree de-p cleansing of your skin with 3 different attachments(1 sponge and 2 ultra-fine brush heads) to clean and exfoliate your skin,remove oil,dead skin,blackheads and whiteheads. Enjoy a radiant glow while making your creams and moisturizers work better. Our Facial Cleansing Brush makes it easy and affordable for you to get a facial spa at home. Also,you can take the set with you while traveling and get daily skin care.
--4-SPEED ADJUSTABLE FOR THOROUGHLY CLEANSES:Please turn low speed before you cleansing,until the face skin is adapted,The low powerful speed setting is for gently cleansing,and removing make-up,dirt and grime from your face skin. The high powerful speed setting is for deep-cleansing,exfoliation,dead skin cells,oil,acne causing germs. 360° rotation for cleaning and effectively reaching hard to clean areas like the sides of your nose.
Grinding beads--Massage facial acupoints, awaken skin vitality, relieve skin fatigue, lift and shape
Silicone brush head--It is suitable for the skin with serious pore blockage, dirt, grease and horniness
Common brush head--It is suitable for skin with serious pore blockage, blackhead and excessive grease
Sensitive brush head--Clean, mild and natural, suitable for girls with thin skin, and skin with blood silk is also recommended
--IPX7 WATERPROOF FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH:IPX7 waterproof,safe to deeply clean your pores while in the bath or shower(Tip:Do not immerse in water for a long time). Just like doing SPA and calm your skin down before sleep at home with ease.
--RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE:Large capacity charging.USB interface design, fully charged in four hours.It can be used for a long time

1. Never use this product in the following situations and sites: Children, individuals wearing electronic medical equipment, allergic constitution, skin diseases, plastic sites, eyes and throat.
2. If you feel uncomfortable during use, stop using it immediately and consult with a doctor promptly.
3. Never place it in a damp or hot place.
4. Never repair, disassemble or modify this product without authorization.
5. This product is charged with rechargeable battery. Never use none self-provided charging cable, as it will cause permanent damage to the face cleaner.

Package Includeds:
--1 x Facial Cleansing Brush
--1 x Grinding beads
--1 x Silicone brush head
--1 x Common brush head
--1 x Sensitive brush head