Bakeey 26/34in Dish Drying Rack Kitchen Draining Drainer Over Sink Organizer Stainless Steel Storage Shelf for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

1. All-in-One Versatile & Functional Organizer: It can store various sizes of utensils. Including dishes, bowls, chopping board & pot cover, detergent, spoon & fork, chopsticks and fruit & vegetable, etc. 
2. Space Saving: Effective storage and clean your kitchen. Over-the-sink design helps you make the most of the space above the sink and saves much more space in the kitchen. 
3. Durable & Sturdy:  Stainless Steel material ensuring long-lasting durability and easy to clean. And the rust-proof layer keeps your dish drying rack away from rusting for a long time. 
4. High Load-bearing Capacity. 
5. Easy Installation: Everyone can easily assemble the simple structure without having to punch holes in the wall, making it easy to move. 

Item Specifics:
Type: Single / Double Sink
Color: Black
Material: Stainless Steel
Single Sink:65x34x54cm / 25.6x13.4x21.3 in
Double Sink Size:85x34x54cm / 33.5x13.4x21.3 in

Package Included:
1x Dish Drying Rack