Bakeey 250mL LED Light Indication Touchless Soap Dispenser Automatic Induction Hand Sanitizer Hand free Child Baby Foam Soap Dispenser Machine For Bathroom Home for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

1.Automatic induction bubble, contact free, more sanitary.
2.Near-field infrared sensor, 0.25 seconds for more efficient hand washing.
3.Reasonable control bubble volume, 250 ml can meet the family use for about 50 days.
4.The noise decibel value is less than 40db.
5.20°  nozzle angle, in line with the natural reach.
6.Breathing light prompt, touching sensitive switch.
  Brand   Bakeey
  Item type   Soap Dispenser
  Material   ABS
  Color   White, Pink(Optional)
  Battery   3*AAA b-attery(not included)
  Package size   220*110*100mm/8.66*4.33*3.93inches
  Product size   20*10*6cm
  Certification   FCC CE ROHS
Package Included
  1 *  Soap Dispenser