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Product Specification


1.Smart button, UV Sterilization, low temperature drying.
2.Smooth specular reflection, no bacteria can escape.
3.Thick UV protection film
4.Air circulation with air filter element to prevent pollution.
5.12L large capacity, enough for general household use.
6. Widely used, drug feeding bottles, toys, building blocks, etc.
7.Intelligent mode, adjust the disinfection time.
8.Stop immediately after opening the door, safety protection.
9.Led digital display screen, operation time at a glance

Product Specifications:

Wave length: 253.7NM
Color: Blue, Green, Sky blue
Material: 304 stainless steel, ABS
Size: 345 * 295 * 235mm
Sterilization rate: 99%
Capacity: 12L
Power: 140W
Voltage: 100-240V
Disinfection method: UV + hot air circulation
Application: Sterilization clothing, toys, baby bottles, pacifiers, etc.

Package Includes:

1X Sterilization Cabinet