Bakeey 10A RF 433Mhz Wireless Wifi Remote Control Smart Switch Panel Dual Control Light Button Rocker Switch For Smart Home for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

Learning and removing method:
1 .There is a learning button on the control panel of touch switch, the button is used to
learn and remove the code.
2 .Press and hold the learning button for three seconds.When the indicator light flashes
,we enter the learning state. Press any key on the remote controller to emit signal, thelight flashes two times and off .It means you learn it successfully.
3 .It can learn more than 12 PCS 2262 or 1527 chip with the different code wireless remote
4. Delete remote control method: hold down the learning button for about 8 seconds, theindicator light turns on to off, then the code you learned before will be deleted.
5. working way switching
Through the sub circuit board behind the pad 1, 2, 3 different local to switch working way
--Jog---- press the button is ON , loosen your finger is OFF
--Self -lock----- press one button for one time is ON .press the same button again is OFF
--Inter-lock-------press one button is ON , press another button is OFF .
Technical parameters:
Brand: Bakeey
Working voltage: 220V
Work frequency: 315 MHz/433MHZ
Maximum load: 1500 W
Working way: jog , self-lock and inter-lock(Adjustable by pad)
Circuit board size: 60 × 30 × 17 mm
Shell size: 66 x 36 × 21 mm
Package includes:
1*  Receiver
1*  Transmitter