Aqara Indoor Air Quality Monitor Pollution Meter for TVOC Temperature and Humidity with a High Contrast E Ink Screen Supports HomeKit Google Alexa and IFTTT for Living Room Bedroom and Office for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Note: Requires a Zigbee3.0 Aqara hub to work (including Hub M2, Hub M1S, and Camera Hub G2Hx). Does NOT work with the original ZB 1.2 Aqara Hub. Requires a secured 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi network connection. xThe integration of Aqara Camera Hub G2H is currently unavailable for Apple HomeKit.
TVOC, Temperature and Humidity Sensor: The Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor detects the concentration of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are harmful, carcinogenic air pollutant that evaporate at normal indoor atmospheric conditions, and measures temperature and humidity, which can also be used in smart home automations.
All-Round Compatibility: Zigbee3.0 Protocol built upon the fastest and energy-efficient smart home technology with the focus on compatibility and stability. Apart from Aqara Home, it supports the most popular smart home ecosystems such as HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT and more.
E Ink Screen and Low Power Consumption: The Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor equipped with a high-contrast dot-matrix E Ink screen which is similar to paper and protects your eyes consuming very little energy when showing the information.Consumes very little energy, and can last for more than 1 year without changing batteries.
Portable & Lightweight: The Aqara air quality meter is compact and very easy to carry, size: 1.6x2.9x0.55 inch. Stylish exterior and durable materials ensure the long time using. This air quality tester is ideal for living room, bedrooms, cars, offices, school, and other indoor occasions. Especially the places with babies, kids, the elderly.


Model: AAQS-S01
Color: White
Product Dimensions: 41.6 × 76.0 × 14 mm (1.64x2.99x0.55 in)
Battery: CR2450 × 2
Wireless Protocols: Zigbee3.0 IEEE 802.15.4
Operating Temperature: 0ÂdegresC-+50ÂdegresC (32ÂdegresF-122ÂdegresF)
Operating Humidity: 0-95% RH, no condensation
TVOC Detection Range: 0-25 mg/m³
TVOC Resolution: 1ppb or 0.01mg/m³
Temperature Detection Range: -20-60℃ (-4-140ÂdegresF)
Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃
Humidity Detection Range: 0-100%RH
Humidity Resolution:1%

Package included:

1 x Aqara Indoor Air Quality Monitor