Airtight Food Storage Containers Square Nine piece Easy to buckle Cans Kitchen Household Whole Grains Milk Powder Preservation Storage Tank for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

Features and Benefits:
-A set of food storage containers;
-Stackable and compact design;
-Sealed, leak-proof and splash-proof;
-Can be used for solid and liquid food;
-Ideal for pasta, rice, flour, vegetables, fruits and leftovers;
-Used for food storage room, refrigerator and freezer organization;
-Easy to use and clean;
-Silicone lining lid;
-Keep food fresh and delicious;
-Easy to open and close;

Technical Specifications:
Name: Airtight Food Storage Container Set
material: Pastic
Color: White + Transparent

Package Contents:
9 x Food Storage Containers:
2 x 1.9L container
2 x 1.2 liter container
2 x 0.8 liter container
3 x 0.5 liter container