2021 New version Qingping Door Window Sensor Bluetooth 5 0 Home Security Alarm Sensor Work With Met Mihome App for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


â–ª Induction door and window opening and closing

Determine the opening and closing of doors and windows by sensing the distance between the main body and the magnet.

â–ª Remote push notification

Detecting the opening and closing of doors and windows, the app remotely automatically pushes reminders to keep the home safe at all times. (Need to set the linkage strategy in the Mijia app)

â–ª Connect to Mijia Smart Linkage

With other Mijia smart products, set up linkage strategies to realize multiple smart scenarios.

â–ª Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

Use Bluetooth 5.0 low energy, battery life up to 8 months.

â–ª Small body can be posted anywhere

Small size, high appearance, and rich application scenarios. Just stick and use, no tools required.

â–ª Installation Notes

When installing, please align the main body and the center line or top of the magnet, and ensure that the distance between them is <15 mm.

General Parameters




Main body 44*21.5*13mm

Magnet 29*14*7mm




CR1632 Button battery


Main body 6g(Without battery)

Magnet 7g

Bluetooth Type

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

                                           Package Included

1 * Door & Window sensor

1 * Magnet

1 * User Manual