SKYWORTH S801 105Â 2 5K HD VR Glasses 3D Stereo Cinema Helmet Smart VR All in one Headset Machine Smart VR Glasses for Sale with BTC on


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SKYWORTH VR S801 all-in-one viewing machine

Skyworth's self-made panoramic video, VR city scenery, VR live broadcast, mobile cinema and other massive legal content

It looks like a 22-meter-wide IMAX giant screen cinema

Put on the headset and instantly be in the center of the virtual IMAX giant-screen theater, showing brilliant vision and shocking sound effects from all directions

Get rid of the fixed viewing angle of the screen, various angles are available

105Âdegres field of view, 2.5K Fast-Switch 2560×1440px

Say goodbye to dizziness with a super clear VR dedicated screen

Stereo wide-frequency response mini speaker, equipped with panoramic sound technology, the sound changes with the scene, restore the realistic scene

Excellent ergonomic design, easy to wear for 2 hours

The new version of the Skyworth VR UI interface provides smooth operation

Package Included:     

1 x SKYWORTH S801 VR Glasses