Skyworth S1 All in One VR Headset 4K 8K Virtual Reality Glasses Support Live Streaming VR Gaming bluetooth Smart Glasses Real RGB 4K Screen with 3DOF Gamepad for Sale with BTC on


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Smart Glasses

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Product Specification


World's first VR headset which supports 8K hardware decoding and 4K resolution display

The most efficient VR device to play 8K mono 360 and 6K 3D 360 without downsampling your original footage captured by Insta360 Pro 2, Kandao Obsidian, K1 Pro, S1 Pro, YiHalo

Hardware encryption: Built-in professional hardware encryption scheme, using the SHA-256 algorithm for an encryption operation. Ensure that data is not illegally read and copied

Built-in dual speaker & Built-in Microphone. The stereo wide-frequency MINI speaker, which is designed in the near ear of the host, allows the sound field in the virtual world to be precisely wrapped around your ear using dynamic panoramic sound technology

Massive 105Âdegres FOV system: Bringing unparalleled immersion wide viewing angle. Supports external memory card max 256GB

Package Included:   

1 x Skyworth S1 VR Glasses

1 x 3DOF Gamepad