Shadow Creator Shadow VR Standalone VR Headset With 6DoF All in one Helmet Full Landscape Virtual Reality Smart Glasses for Sale with BTC on


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Smart Glasses

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Product Specification


6DoF controllers: offers a more immersive VR experience for users

HTCVIVE Wave platform: allows for better mobile VR content development and support from HTCs

Inside-out tracking: thus allows for better user immersion in VR

Chip: Qualcomms Snapdragon 835


BoschNine- Axis Gyro

1000Hz Refresh Rate

Transmission: WIFI, BT, USB 3.1, Type-C

FOV 110Âdegres

Binocular 3D Display, 2K HD Resolution

Battery: 3400mAh LG18650 Cell

Interaction: Self-developed 3D OS Blue Cat

Camera: 6DOF Spatial Orientation

Fresnel Lens, Optical Path Correction Algorithm, make sure the images are not distorted

Package Included:  

1 x VR All-in-one glasses