3Glasses D4 Smart Virtual Reality VR Glasses Head mounted Display 2 5K HD Screen 100Â FOV 3D Helmet for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Smart Glasses

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Product Specification

Response time: 5ms

Screen type: Fast LCD

Spatial positioning: 3DOF, 9-axis

Lens type: Fresnel

Cable length: 5M

Interpupillary distance: 63mm +- 4mm

Interface: HDMI+ USBx2

Audio interface: 3.5mm LRGM & Micphone

Gyro return rate: 1000Hz

Minimum configuration:

PC: 4th i5 + 4GB + GTX960 / Android: 3BOXA2+ E3

Supported SDK:

3Glasses for Unity SDK 5.3.13-7.1.0

3Glasses for Unreals SDK 4.11-4.16.1

Compatible: Steam